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Business Intelligence

Vehicle leasing company hires nShare to recover a BI project that got off track.

Initial engagement
Our first steps were to gain an understanding of the project status, including its original goals. The project consisted of several components:

  • Data import & transformation module This component was to be able to receive data from a multitude of sources and formats, transform and cleanse the data as appropriate and import it into a standardised data warehouse repository. There was also a requirement that this should be highly flexible, able to be extended to receive future data sources and formats without involving more expensive developer resources.
  • Reporting suite A web-based portal for the end users to access their reports. User login, access to on-screen reports, print facilities, data exports, customisable dashboards, content sensitive help.
  • Administration portal The requirement here was to create a web-based portal for company administrators to maintain and configure data, reports, user dashboard configuration. Administrators should be able to configure each users access to present custom dashboards – giving access only to the reports that user needed to perform their role.

Working with the customer
As this project had got into difficulties it was our task to work from the original requirements and goals and get things back on track. We analysed the work already undertaken to identify which parts could be used & what needed to be replaced or restarted.

From the analysis we then recommended a course of recovery, detailing various options. In order to bring swift progress and to satisfy stakeholders we identified and prioritised ‘low hanging fruit’ or easily obtainable short term results. This included such things as identifying the reports which would be simple to implement and get running first and deferring non-essential administrative functions until core components were completed.

Many of the data sources were obtained from 3rd parties. So on behalf of our customer we were able help communicate with them regarding the technical matters e.g. data and file formats, scheduling, data coding etc.

Onwards and upwards
The reporting suite was completed, along with its data import and administrative functions.

Because of our experience in project recovery we were able to show that some of the initial requirements were unviable within available timescales and budget. However within these constraints we were able to implement all functionality that was really required. In retrospect stakeholders could see that the project had delivered more than enough to satisfy business requirements.

The various components were implemented in a flexible manner to allow for future development when required.

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