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Compliance & Property Management

nShare completes transformation of property compliance company in just 7 months. From error prone, paper based to an agile mobile workforce with real-time data capture, automated data validation and automated report generation and delivery. Results in a decrease of order to invoice time by 41%.

Our customer, a property compliance services company, operated a business model based on a 150 strong mobile consultancy workforce completing various surveys including asbestos, energy, fire risk and others and the delivery of statutory reports. All data was collated on paper forms and sent through the mail to the main office where processing and validation took place. This allied with the regulatory need to not only provide this information to their customers in a timely fashion but the need to maintain the reports in some cases up to 40 years in a resilient environment.

“Technology has gone from being something we only did when we had no choice to one of our biggest USPs. Our customers never cease to be impressed with our efficiency and accuracy which is in a large part thanks to the systems we have got. ”

Initial engagement
Our strategic services team were initially engaged to assess the real needs of the customer in relation to their aspirations for growth and expansion. After a short analysis period, where our consultants got to know the customer’s business, we provided a comprehensive report detailing:

  • The potential obstacles to the aspirational growth of the business.
  • Detailed both the technical, business, market obstacles that presented risk to the business strategy.
  • Identified and quantified potential efficiencies and cost savings that could be made.

This, with our help allowed the customer to construct an internal business case to see clearly what benefits the proposed project would bring and the potential costs and risks associated with it. This allowed the customer’s board of directors to make an informed choice.

In addition to the report our strategic services team presented the customer a proposal detailing a modular cloud based solution delivered, managed & maintained by nShare; allowing the customer to refine deliverables to align with shifting priorities with an emphasis on time-to-market and demonstrable ROI within the lifespan of the project.

Working with the customer
The customer engaged our CIO services for the duration of the project to enable them to focus on the business requirements of the new solution and leave the technical management and operation in safe hands. Our CIO was an active member of the board of directors inputting not only on program related issues but lending his experience to the customer’s day to day operational issues and strategic decisions.

Supported by both onsite and offsite members of our professional services team our CIO over the 7 months delivered:

  • Mobile workforce solution
    Built on nShares CSP platform a solution was provided leveraging mobile device technology allowing the customer’s field operatives to enter directly onscreen using an intuitive and self-validating interface. This resulted in, on average, the field operatives being able to complete 1 more job per day creating an increased operational capability of 12.4%. As a result of the self-validation in the data capture solution central office validation was transformed into a Quality assurance role dramatically increasing operational throughput and customer satisfaction.
  • Central Diary Function
    Delivered through CSP allowing for the central allocation and management of field consultant appointments. This provided much improved agility in response to customer cancellations and emergency requests leading to greater customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Back Office Quality System
    This provided the capability for our customer to maintain their UCAS accreditation by providing a highly responsive and transparent non-compliance / non-conformance workflow solution including the ability to automatically escalate incidents ensuring that the customer’s team can be as dynamic as possible.
  • Document Management Solution
    Again provided through nShare's CSP platform a cloud based document management solution was provided which allowed for the highly available, secure and resilient storage of all statutory reports generated without incurring the costs or risks of local storage
  • Business Intelligence Suite
    To allow the business to make informed decisions in an agile fashion a business intelligence suite was designed and implemented by our professional services team which included a number of interactive reports whose data was drawn, real-time, from operational databases and presented in a manner that makes sense.

Onwards and upwards
The programme is viewed as a resounding success and has allowed our customer to access customers and markets that they could not reach less than a year before, safe in the knowledge that the business can scale to their needs.

  • Time from placement of order to invoice reduced by 41%. This is due to the mobile worker solution transmitting the data into the central system and the subsequent automation reducing the processing time significantly.
  • A 10.5% reduction in the average cost of a survey. The cost to the business of completing a survey was reduced due to better utilisation of the workforce through the diary management and improvements to operational processes that the new solution presented.
  • Improved customer retention and market image and the launch of a number of new products and product derivations that the solution allowed. This included the outsourcing of the document management solution to their customers to store their own documents via a customer portal, quick turnaround products.
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