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Service Delivery

nShare helps transforms global service delivery organisation with seamless integration and migration strategy of core business services to the cloud in 12 months.

Our customer, a global service delivery company, with employees based in over 10 countries, had identified a plan for growth which involved the increasing their head-count to accommodate the increasing demand. However the ongoing costs of this plan coupled with the need to provide a scalable, secure and robust method for storing and delivering customer projects, meant that the current traditional approach were unsustainable and therefore unlikely to deliver what the business either wanted or expected.

Initial engagement

Our strategic services team were initially engaged to assess the reality of the current approach and the true needs of the customer in relation to their aspirations for growth and expansion.

After a short analysis period, where our consultants got to know the customer’s business, we provided a comprehensive report detailing:

  • The limitations and likely outcomes of the current approach.
  • The potential obstacles to the aspirational growth of the business. This detailed both the technical, business, market obstacles that presented risk to the business strategy.
  • An alternative approach to deliver as much of the benefits of the original plan, and some advantages not on plan, to the business as quickly as possible coupled with a medium to long term strategy to address the remaining requirements and opportunities. This with our help allowed the customer to construct an internal business case to see clearly what benefits the proposed approach would bring and the potential costs and risks associated with it. This allowed the customer’s board of directors to make an informed choice.

In addition to the report our strategic services team presented the customer a proposal detailing modular cloud based solution delivered managed & maintained by nShare allowing the customer to refine deliverables to align with shifting priorities with an emphasis on time to market and demonstrable ROI within the lifespan of the project.

Working with the customer

The customer engaged our CIO services for the duration of the project to enable them to focus on the business requirements of the new solution and leave the technical management and operation in safe hands. Our CIO is an active member of the customer’s board of directors inputting not only on program related issues but lending his experience to the customer’s day to day operational issues and strategic decisions.

Supported by both onsite and offsite members of our professional services team our CIO over the 12 months delivered:

  • Migration of core business processes to Cloud
    Concentrating on the customer's needs to avoid downtime we devised and executed a series of migrations of key systems to the cloud which included:
    • Desktop
    • Telephony
    • Document Management
    • Email Services
    All of these services were migrated with the absolute minimum of disturbance to the customer’s business. In addition to the above we also augmented the customer’s processes by introducing:
  • Automated Sales Order Processing
    Built entirely on the CSP cloud foundation nShare constructed an automated sales order processing function allowing the tracking a of a customer order from the minute its placed until it has been delivered and signed off by the customer. This provided this customer, for the first time, with a clear view of current work in project and throughput metrics. This led directly to process and efficiency improvements implemented and measure through the KPI and throughput metrics.
    Enquiry – Quote – Order – Project – Delivery – Sign Off
  • Central Project Management
    Delivered through CSP allowing for the central allocation and management customer projects. This module allows the customer's project managers to see:
    • Project Status
    • Due Date
    • Outstanding Actions
    • Outstanding Tasks
    • Recent Updates
    • Project Documents
    • Link to customer and contact information
    • Project RAG (Red, Amber, Green) Status
    The project managers can also request updates from all involved parties and can update and escalate tasks that have not completed.
  • Document management solution
    Again provided through nShare's CSP platform a cloud based document management solution was provided which allowed for the highly available, secure and resilient storage of all statutory reports generated without incurring the costs or risks of local storage.
  • Customer Portal
    The 'out of the box' capability of CSP was leveraged to provide a secure customer portal with the automated delivery of reports, real time order tracking and project progress information and invoice details
  • Business Intelligence Suite
    To allow the business to make informed decisions in an agile fashion a business intelligence suite was designed based on the customer needs which included a number of interactive reports whose data was drawn, real-time, from operational databases and presented in a manner that makes sense. This allowed the customer to quickly identify and secure repeat inspection appointments based on current legislation.
  • Accounting Integration
    With more and more transactions taking place on daily basis it was important to address the need to increase capacity in some of the supporting functions of the customer’s business. To this nShare’s professional services team implemented tight integration to the customers accounting system (Sage). This enabled the automation of a number of repetitive accounting processes.

Onwards and upwards

The program is ongoing and we are working with the customer on ways to provide them with a competitive edge that allows them to become global leaders in their industry. The customer has used the improvements and new technology that we have deployed for them to secure a new level of customer.

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