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Application Development

Sometimes off-the-shelf software packages or services just don't fit and businesses need to develop bespoke applications. This can be cause for concern in any board meeting; there are few other types of project that have so many potential pitfalls. Time and money can disappear into black holes at an alarming rate and the explanations for this are often overly technical.

We like to start at the beginning of this process and create risk-averse development projects. Our first question is likely to be: do you really need all this? We may come up with better alternatives.

Through a process of simplification we get to the bottom of your real requirements. At this point we will be able to present a detailed project proposal for applications that will fit.

We can offer various options when developing bespoke applications for our clients, including:

  • CSP platform
  • Other framework/platforms: e.g. SharePoint
  • Client-server
  • Mobile/tablet apps

There really is no substitute for experience in software development. Lack of experience introduces development by trial & error and too much guesswork. Our architects and developers are time served professionals who have seen it all before.

If you need an application developing, give us a call.