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Archiving & Retrieval

Are you paying to store and manage large amounts of archive data? In our experience we have found that up to 70% of an organisation's backup and archival costs are for storing and maintaining data that could, quite reasonably, be archived onto more appropriate lower cost solutions.

There are a vast number of options available to every organisation; which is right for your organisation?

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.)
  • Popular 3rd party tools e.g. Microsoft, Symantec
  • On-site archive

These options can range in price from cheaper open-source solutions to many hundreds of thousands of pounds. We know that the question that needs addressing is not how much it costs but what is cost effective for your organisation to address your needs.

The implementation of appropriate archive and retrieval options only addresses part of the problem, so we couple this service with the use of our business archival specialists who, based on your organisations data needs, will suggest solutions tailored to the way you need to work.

Our specialists will first assess:

  • Archival requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Insurance requirements
  • Frequency of use and data categorisation
  • Security constraints and requirements
  • Business constraints and requirements
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery requirements

Once a baseline has been established then your organisation's current policy is compared against this. The gaps in the current approach are identified, classified and prioritised based on risk to your organisation. Our specialists then compile a list of recommendations on how to proceed. These recommendations focus on the cost effectiveness of the change and the potential benefits to your business.

This provides a clear picture of the scale of the problem, clearly identifies changes that can be made to improve things and defines expected outcomes from each change. With the assistance of our specialists you can then implement the changes needed, knowing what it will cost, what the benefits are and gauge your organisations progress to a defined goal.