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Business Intelligence

Your data is a strategic asset and should be a fruitful source of revenue. Data is often underutilized.

Managing large quantities of data effectively is not straightforward. Paradoxically it's often the case that the more data you have the less useful information you can extract from it. It’s not really that the needle is hidden in the haystack- often the real problem is conflicting information. One report says this, another says that and we find ourselves continually asking what's really going on?

Ideally reports should correlate consistently across the whole business. Managers and business decision makers can then trust the figures being presented to them. Guesswork is reduced and replaced with informed decision making.

nShare's goal is to turn data into something meaningful through integration, cleansing, standardizing and improving the data from its original sources. This allows you to make better decisions about the status of your business and its direction.

We achieve this using tried and tested principles and tools. As appropriate we can:

  • Analyse current reporting capabilities
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies
  • Streamline data capture
  • Introduce data warehousing capabilities
  • Develop reports for screen and print
  • Help you interpret the numbers
Vehicle leasing company hires nShare to recover a BI project that got off track.