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Cloud Services

Your business: accessible from anywhere and any device with an internet connection. This solution allows you the ultimate in flexible working while providing the highest levels of availability and resilience.

Traditional Approach Cloud Based Approach
Financial Investment A large financial investment in hardware, software licenses, IT resources and more. No initial capital expenditure. Your ongoing fees are low, predictable and easy to budget. If you grow or shrink, our solution grows or shrinks with you.
IT Resources Requires dedicated IT resources. Managing a typical email system for a 100 person company takes 85% of a senior technician's time. No dedicated IT resources required. All system management and support is performed by nShare.
Time To Market On Average 30 days to deploy an in-house solution with dedicated staff Cloud services are designed to by as plug 'n play as possible allowing you to get to live as soon as possible.
Reliability and Maintenance Servers crashing and email interruptions cause business delays and loss of productivity. All updates performed trained experts. Cloud systems are fully redundant and backed up routinely.
Security The cost of maintaining a secure and stable environment can be very high with specialist on-site resources required. The cloud can provide greater security than an on-site solution as all the data resides in data centre secured to industry standards. The security of cloud solutions are constantly monitored and maintained by technology experts.
Support On site IT support is expensive and constantly requires training in the evolving technology in the business. Cloud services come underwritten by a helpdesk skilled and knowledgeable in the technology they are supporting that can provide a responsive service to your users.

Historically these benefits were only within the purchasing power of large organisations with deep pockets. This is no longer the case.

All of our cloud services are designed for small to large SME companies. They are specifically designed to scale, grow and change as the needs of your business changes while keeping the cost of this change to a minimum.

The services are underpinned by exceptional helpdesk and professional services teams, supported and maintained by our team of engineers who are Microsoft, Cisco, VMware certified professionals- they carry our passion for making your business better.

If you would like to ask a question about the cloud and your business give us a ring. Maybe we can help