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Database Design

For most businesses, the more you know about your customers, suppliers and competitors the better. Therefore the aggregating, storing and processing of information in a database can provide you with a distinct advantage in terms of identifying revenue opportunities from your data but also from the efficiency and time savings that having all of your data in one place brings:

  • Ability to respond quickly to queries. Need an answer for a customer, access to invoice history, product line performance
  • Identify trends and patterns in your data allowing more accurate decision making
  • Control the quality of the data ensuring that your data is consistent and accurate
  • Time savings: stop users having to enter the same data into multiple systems
  • Goodbye to spreadsheet version control issues
  • Tighter control of the security of your data

Most SME businesses do not have the time, resources or skills available to attempt this on their own; this is where we come in. Our data consultants are highly experienced not only in the latest technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle but also in the use of data within businesses. They will help you identify:

  • Potential sources of data within your organisation and a migration plan for each
  • Key business questions that your data can answer
  • Opportunities presented to your business by your data
  • Security risks to your data
  • Longer term needs according to the business strategy

We will then deliver your solution using best of breed cloud based database technologies to provide you a cost effective, resilient, highly available data solution delivered to budget and timescale by our project managers.

As with all of our services we don't stop there. Our database solutions come with guaranteed service levels and complete helpdesk support.*

So if you think you can get more from your data give us a call and let us help.

*Standard support is UK (GMT) working hours 9am- 5pm Monday to Friday with the exception of public holidays.