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Document Management

Every year, the amount of information your business owns soars. The information you possess, information you've paid to create, represents a huge potential competitive advantage. But that competitive advantage disappears if your people can't get to the right information at the moment they need it.

In too many businesses, that's still not possible. By one recent estimate, 16% of all documents are misplaced, and in some environments up to 25% of the workday is spent searching for information. The fact is, when it comes to finding what you’re looking for, all too often today's shared hard drives, intranets, and even websites might as well be "electronic landfills."

Without effective, coherent ways of managing their documents, organizations find it harder than it should be to address problems like document retention and compliance. Perhaps worst of all, businesses miss opportunities – either because they can’t identify them, or because they can’t respond quickly enough.

'Off the Shelf' document management systems are expensive, potentially complex and costly to implement, manage and maintain. For most SME businesses this eradicates any potential ROI. Many businesses purchase document management solutions and because of the cost of change and development never make the most of this investment.

We can offer our own solution: By leveraging the latest, most resilient and reliable cloud based technologies in conjunction with our years of experience in designing effective, intuitive and cost effective document management solutions.

We have developed a highly resilient, highly available, cloud based document management module for our own CSP platform which 'cherry-picks' the best functionality of the industry leading platforms and integrates them into a flexible intuitive interface; supported by a scaleable on demand, highly resilient, highly available cloud based document storage infrastructure.

  • 99.99998% uptime guarantee on storage services
  • Infinitely scalable but only pay for what you use
  • Access your documents from anywhere
  • No costly infrastructure to purchase or manage
  • Designed to be integrated. Have your existing applications save and open documents from your repository with the minimum of development time
  • Document metadata can be defined by you. You decide what information you want to collect
  • Search all documents from one place
  • Highly secure environment, ISO data centres
  • Data storage can be regionalised to comply with international regulations
  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Version control

We have years of experience in the development of document management interfaces using industry leading software such Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum and PlumTree. If you have already taking the step of investing in document management technology let us help you realise the true potential of the technology.

So if you're looking to make the most of an existing investment in document management technology or you have a question about the value your business could realise from document management our expert services can provide you with all the help you need. Give us a call and see if we can help.