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IT Strategy

Technology must demonstrate the right attributes to be a worthy steward of the broader organisation's resources through financial and operational discipline.

To deliver on these expectations, the technology function needs a clearly defined and communicated strategy, written in terminology that the business can understand and provide a construct to guide all IT activities. This strategy must align the technology function with the business strategy by taking into account the business drivers short and long-term, current capabilities, opportunities presented by changes in technology or knowledge.

Our experience suggests that not having a coherent IT Strategy results in challenges and constrains the value technology can deliver to the business. Examples of these challenges include:

  • Low business satisfaction driven by limited flexibility and slower speed to market
  • Lack of innovation as a result of over correction on cost containment instead of building strategic capabilities
  • Higher cost solutions driven primarily by lack of a cohesive strategy, leading to siloes, stove-piped solutions and misaligned priorities

A clearly defined strategy can transform the technology function into a "high-performing business" that offers long-term value and real opportunities for growth. Developing the strategy requires a holistic approach placing the right amount of emphasis on short and long term investment in technology to support the organisation in reaching its goals.

All of our senior consultants are technology experts who have experience operating SME business or held board level positions for a number of years in companies in diverse markets. This affords them the unique ability to balance the needs of the business with the risks and opportunities presented by technology.

Unlike days of old a strategy is a living thing and has to change as the business changes; our experience tells us that the perfect strategy for a business today may not be so perfect tomorrow. We work with you conducting an ongoing program of strategic reviews to ensure that your business and technology strategies stay aligned and keep performing for your business.