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Offshore Outsourcing

In the current economic climate the advantages of outsourcing business critical technology projects has never been greater but equally the cost of getting this wrong has increased.

Traditionally a number of disadvantages of outsourcing have prevented the uptake of this by SME businesses:

  • Quality of work returned
  • Poor communication skills on the part of the provider
  • What recourse have I got if it all goes wrong?

nShare takes the risk out of outsourcing:

  • We directly manage the offshore resources and ensure that the standards being delivered are in line with our own high standards.
  • The solution is designed in the UK by our highly experienced architects and business consultants.
  • Our UK project manager is your point of contact.
  • Transparent project management allows you constant sight of the project progress so you can see problems as early as possible.
  • All work carried out by our offshore team is covered by our uk support team.

There can be real cost and efficiency benefits to outsourcing but doing it right can be daunting. If you think offshore development might help your business give us a call and maybe we can help.