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Programme Planning

Running a technology project can be a daunting task for a non-technology person. It invariably involves a significant investment by your organisation and a set of expected outcomes and accepted risks, either implicit or stated.

If for example, your company is launching a new product a series of projects are likely occurring in different areas of the company including engineering, sales, marketing, and distribution, to name a few. nShare can help manage all of those projects effectively toward a common goal:

Single point of contact experienced in communications and planning
Improved programme visibility through the provision, to distributed teams, visibility of key milestones, dependencies, and schedule changes.

Less time spent gathering key programme performance metrics
Our PMs come with the experience to identify key metrics within your organisation providing you up to date information.

Bring suppliers and partners into the programme more quickly
As experienced communicators and negotiators and an extensive list of known and trusted suppliers our team can drastically reduce the research time that would otherwise be spent identifying and shortlisting potential suppliers.

Keep in touch with costs, timescales and risks
We only ever work to an agreed plan. Our PMs provide regular updates to your organisations senior leadership team and key stakeholders on the current and predicted performance of the project/programme with respect to cost, risks, progress and known issues.