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Project recovery

Every organisation has experienced the problems of a project or program that has or is going wrong. Not enough time, not enough resources, supplier delays, budget increase after budget increase, scope creep and changes to business drivers.

We know that in this situation there is invariably already significant pressure to provide a way forward; and that's where we come in.

All of the members of the team are experienced at dropping into a project or program with issues. Their experience combined with our common sense approach allows us to identify the root cause of the issues and construct a plan to move forward.

The process is composed of the following stages:

  • Review
    Using interviews, project plans, status reports and other project artefacts, we start our project recovery by comparing the project's original goals with its current and anticipated progress to provide an objective "Project Status" report. This is shared with key stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Recommend
    Based on discussions with your key stakeholders and the project status report our project recovery team will define a set of recommendations to recover the project. These recommendations fall in to one of four categories: Restart, Recover, Scope change or Exit. Based on your business drivers and the cost and other implications of the recommendations a decision is made as to which road to follow.
  • Implement
    Once a suitable path has been chosen and the details of the recommendations have been discussed to include any changes required, a new project plan is created. This is allied to the recommendations regarding changes to process and team structure. Once all has been agreed our team will then execute the plan with your authorisation.

At the end of any of the stages above we can transition the plan over to your selected leadership team and take a back seat to provide advice and counsel as and when required.