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Security Assessment

In our experience organisational security often concentrates too heavily on network and device security without enough focus on blending a security approach with the way that an organisation operates on a day to day basis.

We are all aware of the commercial advantages in terms of meeting both supplier and customer requirements with regards to security and confidentiality of their data. But are you sure you are doing what is needed- not more than is needed- and more importantly cost effective based on the risks your organisation faces?

Our security assessment provides the framework for keeping your company at a desired security level by assessing the risks you face, deciding how you will mitigate them, and planning for how you keep your security practices up to date and most importantly, cost effective.

A security assessment, carried out by one of our experienced business security consultants will cover:

  • Identification of threats
    This area of the assessment focuses on the business to identify where threats may lie for your organisation. This could include for example an examination of your data to understand if some is more sensitive than others. This also takes into account how various drivers within your business may increase or mitigate these risks.
  • Identify vulnerabilities
    Once the threats have been identified then a diligent assessment is made of the systems and processes surrounding these threats.
  • Analyse risk
    Once the threats and vulnerabilities have been identified the risk score associated with each threat is established. This takes into account the:
    • Likelihood that the risk will occur
    • Impact that the risk occurring would have on your organisation
    • Risk level associated with the identified risk
  • Corrective Actions
    This is the input from our business security consultancy practice. This will detail a number of actions that can be taken to mitigate the risks identified. We will also note the cost effectiveness of each of the corrective actions and include options where applicable allowing you to make the right decisions about your organisations security.