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Telephony Services

In the current economic climate companies are seeking opportunities to reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of communication. Hosted VoIP services provide the opportunity to realise:

  • Cost-effective calls
    This is one of the key reasons that businesses typically chose to switch to a VoIP system, as the cost of phone calls will be greatly reduced due to them being sent over the internet. This is especially beneficial for companies that actively make a lot of calls on a daily basis, or those which have to communicate long-distance (including internationally).
  • Scalability
    Businesses using a VoIP system have the advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers or extensions (inc. voice mail inboxes) via the web, without the need for extra costs and setup time associated with traditional telephony.
  • Portability
    If you’re going to be away from the office and still need to make and receive calls, VoIP allows you to do this. Any internet-enabled device that has communication functionality can be used to send and receive calls via your VoIP telephone network. This makes phone calls as convenient as email – and is as easy as plug-and-play in most cases.
  • Feature-rich
    Along with the standard features that one would expect from a telephone system a VoIP solution brings along a whole manner of new features. Caller ID, conference calling, voice-to-email, number based menu systems, call attendant, call waiting and call forwarding – all of which come as standard with a business VoIP system.
  • Branch/regional offices
    Easily create and manage branch and regional office telephony. With our system creating a branch office is as simple as a few clicks on our interface. Branch and regional offices can be online in minutes.
  • Fully supported infrastructure
    All our VoIP services are located on industry leading, highly available, resilient infrastructure which is constantly being monitored by our highly experienced service consultants.

We constantly develop our Hosted VoIP solution, with new features being added which benefit your business. You don’t need to buy any upgrades to get these benefits we deploy them automatically as part of the service. The result being you always have the latest up to date technology.

Add these advantages to this the exceptional savings your business can make on it's phone bills and its easy to see why more and more businesses are moving to Hosted telephone systems

If hosted VoIP is something you think your business could benefit from then give us a ring, maybe we can help.