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Virtual CIO

From time to time companies might face the following problems:

  • An IT specialist strategic employee moves on
  • Monetary value or ROI goals aren’t being met
  • You need to achieve more, but spend less
  • Technology choice factors
  • A clear concise plan was not thought out and implemented in a realistic time frame with clear goals that need to be achieved for return on investment (ROI)

Over the years we've regularly been asked to address these situations.

With this in mind we have created the position of Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to assist organisations. We've worked with companies and organisations of all sizes; from small to mid-size companies and even large global PLCs.

We know based on the current economic restraints that companies may underinvest or make their IT assets work harder, but sooner or later the need to look at the longer picture and the overall objectives of the business has to happen. Delivering business improvement doesn’t happen in isolation.

We provide Virtual CIOs to companies in need of our IT expertise. In some cases it is not commercially viable or practical for organisations to recruit and employ a dedicated full time CIO with the sort of experience and expertise we bring to the table especially with current salary expectations in the range of £69,531 - £179,302.1

We can help set the direction for your business improvement, develop the roadmap and build disciplines that ensure that the roadmap is expertly executed.

Through nShare's Virtual CIO service you get access to our entire team of experts capable of providing a broader spectrum of experience across many technologies - eliminating the need for you to support a range of staff trained in multiple disciplines.

Ultimately, we believe that using a Virtual CIO will lower your IT-related expenses - since you are only paying for services you consume as and when you need them and our experience is that most companies experience a tangible ROI on this service within 6 months.