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Our solutions are built using Common Sense Platform (CSP). This provides the advantage of using generic components to speed development while introducing consistency and robustness to all solutions. Over the years we have added many modular components to add specific value to an industry where applicable.

These solutions, out of the box, are not meant to be a fait accompli; more of a solid foundation from which to build and tailor a solution to the specific needs of your business.

All of the modules we have developed are driven by real world requirements either identified through our extensive experience or direct feedback from our customers, dramatically reducing time, risk and cost of implementing new solutions.

Some examples of the industries we have developed or modified CSP modules for:

If you think our CSP solutions could provide advantage to your business get in touch.

nShare completes transformation of property compliance company in just 7 months. From error prone, paper based to an agile mobile workforce with real-time data capture, automated data validation and automated report generation and delivery. Results in a decrease of order to invoice time by 41%. Read more

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