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Compliance Industry

To cater for the requirements of the compliance industry we have in partnership with our customers in that sector developed a number of modules which we believe offer a comprehensive foundation from which to build a reliable, robust and cost effective solution.

Back office Interface

  • Central Diary Module
    This module is designed to enable diary management of your field operatives. Presented using intuitive simple interfaces your users can view and amend:
    • the activities of all field operatives: new appointments can be created and existing appointments modified instantly notifying the field operative through the mobile working module
    • All events: This would include things like recurring inspections, tenant meetings, appointments and essentially anything else with a date can be displayed. Alerts can also be configured through either SMS, Email or on-screen notifications.
    • All documents relating to an appointment or event: All documents that are related to an appointment or an event are available from this interface. This could include previous inspections, floor plans, tenant information or as a result of the flexibility of CSP’s document management module any other document you like
    • Specific additions to this module for customers in the compliance industry include onscreen information for agents including job prioritisation, current utilisation and field agent message capabilities.
  • Back Office Quality System
    To help our compliance customers address the ever increasing requirements with regards to the management of non-compliance / non-conformance issues and the resultant authorisation and de-authorisation of field operatives.
    At the heart of this module is a non-compliance / non-conformance workflow. This workflow includes integration to the customer portal and back office diary modules to allow capture of incident / issue, automatic notification and escalation based on information captured about the issue, e.g. priority, customer
    A quality management interface, detailing all current and historical non-conformance / non-compliance issues, the current status of the issue, the names and contact information of those involved is also provided. Within this interface a member of the quality team can record actions, recommendations or improvement plans against each issue.
    From this interface the quality manager can also immediately de-authorise a field operative from a specific type of work. This will:
    • Notify the diary management module which will validate that the field operative has not got any currently confirmed appointments for which they have now been de-authorised. If there are the system request that these are re-allocated
    • Optionally the individual concerned can also be notified by email, onscreen or SMS with an optional message from the quality manager.
    Every action within the quality system is recorded and a full audit trail can be created for each incident.
    Additionally incidents can automatically be escalated based on rules defined and managed by your quality manager ensuring that incidents are resolved as quickly and transparently as possible.
  • Notifications
    Integrated with the Central diary module; appointments and job details are instantly available to the field operatives. Changes and appointments can optionally generate both e-mail and SMS notifications.
    Additionally notifications can also be generated through other modules such as the Back Office quality systems for notification of onsite quality inspection or quality manual updates or the Training and certification module for certification renewal reminders and training appointments.
  • Document Management
    We have developed a highly resilient, highly available, cloud based document management module for our own CSP platform which cherry picks the best functionality of the industry leading platforms and integrates them into a flexible intuitive interface supported by a scale able on demand, highly resilient, highly available cloud based document storage infrastructure.
    • 99.99998% uptime guarantee on storage services
    • Infinitely scaleable but only pay for what you use
    • Access your documents from anywhere
    • No costly infrastructure to purchase or manage
    • Designed to be integrated. Have your existing applications save and open documents from your repository with the minimum of development time
    • Document metadata can be defined by you. You decide what information you want to collect
    • Search all documents from one place
    • Highly secure environment, ISO Data centres
    • Data storage can be regionalised to comply with international regulations
    • Simple intuitive interface
    • Version control
  • Lone worker management
    Due to the nature of the compliance industry and the current Health and Safety requirements protection of lone worker is a key requirement of our customers. To aid in meeting this requirement a Lone-worker module was developed for CSP. This provides instant notification of issues to the customers support team if the field operative does not respond to a status request in a timely fashion or the field operative clicks the emergency button on their device.
  • Business Intelligence Suite
    To allow the business to make informed decisions in an agile fashion a business intelligence suite was designed based on the customer needs which included a number of interactive reports whose data was drawn, real-time, from operational databases and presented in a manner that makes sense.
    Some of the specific business intelligence we have developed includes:
    • automatic population of ‘Pencilled In’ diary appointments based on repeat inspection dates which can then be validated by the customers support team
    • Field operative utilisation
    • Job average execution times for each appointment type
    As with the rest of CSP this is only the start of what can be achieved in the business intelligence module as all data capture anywhere in the systems is available to report on
  • Training and Certification Management
    Given the nature of the compliance business our customers have a duty to retain and manage employee certification and training records. CSP ‘out of the box’ provides a mechanism to manage time based activities relating to users. This was tailored to the compliance industries specific needs to include
    • Complete employee history including:
      - Start dates
      - The storage of certificates and training against an employee
      - Quality Inspections and site visits
      - PPE – Face-fits, etc
    • Certification and training notification. Before a certification or required training are due for renewal a notification can be sent to the field operative and or the quality and training managers informing them of the upcoming event.
    • Optionally, through integration with the Central diary module if training or certification lapses rules can be implemented that prevent allocation of that field operative to any job requiring the lapsed certification

Mobile workforce

  • Data Capture
    The mobile workforce module of the CSP platform leverages mobile device technology to allow field operatives to enter data directly onscreen using an intuitive and self-validating interface on any mobile device.
    Forms can be designed or changed quickly and can incorporates validation of the data based on your quality manual and processes. All data captured is stored to a resilient database and is available to the rest of your solution as soon as it’s captured.
    A number of starter forms can also be provided including HSG264 compliant R&D and Management Asbestos survey forms, Legionella log box and Fire Risk Assessment forms
  • Update
    Pertinent information is automatically available through the mobile workforce module allowing the real-time update of appointment and task information.