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Property Management

Property management requires a complex multi-disciplinary approach to be effective. To provide our customers in this sector with the advantage we can offer the following modules:

Back Office Interface

  • Central Diary Module
    This module is designed to enable diary management for your portfolio. Presented using intuitive simple interfaces your users can view and amend:
    • the activities of all field operatives: new appointments can be created and existing appointments modified instantly notifying the field operative through the mobile working module
    • All events relating to a property: This would include things like recurring inspections, tenant meetings, contractor appointments and essentially anything else with a date relating to a property can be displayed. Alerts can also be configured through either SMS, Email or on-screen notifications.
    • All documents relating to a property: All documents that are related to a property or an event are available from this interface. This could include previous inspections, floor plans, tenant information or as a result of the flexibility of CSP’s document management module any other document you like
  • Permit to Work Workflow
    In order to address our customer’s liability with regards to discharging their responsibilities for informing on-site contractors, we have developed a permit to work module. This allows your organisation to enforce a permit to work system. Such a system ensures that contractors have been provided with all necessary documentation and have also validated all relevant information. This is provided through integration to the supplier portal module.
    The status of a permit to work request can be tracked through the diary systems and through access to the property information
  • Notifications
    Integrated with the Central diary module; appointments and job details are instantly available to the field operatives. Changes and appointments can optionally generate both e-mail and SMS notifications.
    Additionally notifications can also be generated through other modules in the solution as required.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Suite
    To allow your business to make the best decisions in the least amount of time we have designed a business intelligence suite. Our BI suite provides reports presented through real-time onscreen, interactive interfaces and through more strategic management reports illustrating trends and patterns in your business enabling your businesses’ management team to make timely informed decisions
    Reports can be created based on any of the data that is collected or stored by CSP and automatically delivered to recipients through email.
  • Flexible and fully searchable asset management
    Based on the needs of our customers and our experience in this sector we have designed an asset management module which has been tailored specifically to accommodate the needs of property management.
    Your business can define what data it wants to store for each type of asset it controls. Our solution is flexible enough to deal with whatever information you need to store and report against.
    Assets can be organised into groups and security permissions can then be defined based on the membership of each group. Assets can belong to as many groups as are appropriate to your business.
    Assets can be searched using filters such as controlling manager, supplier, appointment dates, geographical region, address, outstanding events and if the asset is a property then you can also search using property specific information like Archetype, construction date or anything else you can think of that would be useful. Unlike most searches our results include all information records, audit history, any documents associated with the asset and diary events both completed and in the future giving your business a complete picture of an asset.
  • Supplier System Integration
    As with all of our solutions developed on CSP, integration is a standard not an add-on. We can and have integrated directly with supplier systems providing up to date project information or providing the supplier with appropriate information. Our solution is also designed to allow suppliers to integrate directly into our systems and this is governed by tight security and management, allowing you to keep control.

Mobile workforce

  • Data Capture
    The mobile workforce module of the CSP platform leverages mobile device technology to allow field operatives to enter data directly onscreen using an intuitive and self-validating interface on any mobile device.
    Forms can be designed or changed quickly and can incorporate validation of the data based on your quality manual and processes. All data captured is stored to a resilient database and is available to the rest of your solution as soon as it’s captured.
    A number of starter forms can also be provided including HSG264 compliant R&D and Management Survey Asbestos survey forms, Legionella log books, Fire Risk Assessment and condition assessment forms.
  • Update
    Pertinent information is automatically available through the mobile workforce module allowing the real-time update of appointment and task information.

Supplier Portal

This module provides a central location to all of your suppliers for you to communicate with them. The portal is available, like the rest of CSP, through any device. The portal provides:

  • Security controlled access for your suppliers to property information filtered, based on information contained in the central diary. We can easily configure the filters to match your organisation's requirements but any data or files contained within CSP can be presented.
  • Through the comprehensive auditing which is a part of the CSP module when a contractor downloads a document or reads an onscreen report you can demonstrate exactly when a supplier viewed a particular item.
  • Report upload: Where your supplier is required to provide you a report document as an output, this can be uploaded, leveraging the CSP document management capabilities from the supplier portal. This ensures that you get it as quickly as possible and that it is being stored in a secure and resilient environment as soon as possible.